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Dress Boldly: The Faith Over Fear Shirt Collection

Dress Boldly: The Faith Over Fear Shirt Collection

Embark on a style journey where boldness meets belief when you shop our exclusive Faith Over Fear shirt collection. This lineup is where fashion and faith converge to create something truly extraordinary.

Share a powerful message of trust in God and of choosing faith in every situation over the paralyzing grip of fear every time you wear a t-shirt from our collection.

Every piece is a wearable testament to courage and conviction in a world that often feels overwhelmed by fears and uncertainties, crafted for those who not only walk in faith but also stand as icons of modern, faith-inspired fashion.

Fashionably Fearless

Holding steadfast takes on a stylish twist with this oversized crewneck. Perfect for any season, this sweatshirt combines comfort with a powerful message. Crafted from a soft blend of polyester and cotton, it promises ease and durability.

Layer up for a chilly day or make a cozy yet fashionable statement piece; we're sure this crewneck will have you covered.

Featuring a solid reminder of Psalm 118:6, it's a great shirt for declaring your trust in God. Ideal for pairing with almost anything in your closet, it's a must-have that elevates your everyday look while keeping faith at the forefront.

Faith Over Fear Light Grey Oversized Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

A Tee That Tells a Tale of Unshakable Faith

Embrace the day with a blend of warmth, comfort, and a message of mighty faith!

Made from 100% cotton material, our tan tee (also available in black and white shades) is designed for the fashion-forward believer and is your perfect companion for those moments when you need a blend of style and inspiration.

With a relaxed fit and long sleeves, it promises all-day comfort, whether you're out conquering your mountains or just chilling with friends. Perfect for layering or wearing as is, it's sure to become a staple in your wardrobe, reminding you and everyone around that faith CAN move mountains.

Faith Can Move Mountains Tan Faith Based Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Faith Can Move Mountains Black Faith Based Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Faith Can Move Mountains White Faith Based Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Beauty in Patience

Patience never looked this good. Embrace the waiting with style and faith.

Blending fashion with faith, this dark green sweatshirt combines soft comfort and lasting quality, perfect for any setting or season. Its message invites a moment of reflection on the times of waiting, reminding us that each season has its purpose.

Team it up with your go-to denim for a laid-back vibe, or layer it with bold accessories for an extra dash of style. Embrace the waiting with style and faith.

There Is Purpose In The Waiting Dark Green Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Wear Your Victory: Grace Triumphs Over Fear

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear."

Inspired by the profound truth about the saving grace and love of Jesus, this shirt speaks of faith and redemption and is a reminder that in Christ's love, there is no fear.

It's a garment that speaks of overcoming, where grace is your shield against the shadows of fear.

Pair it with your favorite pieces, like leggings or shorts, for an ensemble that's as meaningful as it is stylish. Let it be a reminder that in every moment of fear, grace is our ever-present victory, stylishly declared.

Saved By Grace Grey Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Rock Solid Faith

"...if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move..."

This crewneck tee is a vibrant emblem of faith's limitless potential. This stylish statement merges the resilience of faith with the timeless allure of tees, creating a fashion piece that speaks volumes.

Designed for the modern believer who loves to blend style with substance, this crewneck makes a dynamic addition to any ensemble. Pair it with distressed jeans for an edgy look or match it with a flared skirt for a touch of femininity.

It's not just apparel—it's a declaration that every mountain ahead is surmountable with faith!

Faith Can Move Mountains Olive Green Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Comfort in Every Storm

Embrace style and serenity in equal measure with our Isaiah 43:2-inspired crewneck. Perfectly balancing the profound with the fashionable, this piece comes in soothing shades of tan or olive, offering a stylish testament to the promise that you're never navigating life's storms alone.

Ideal for adding a touch of thoughtfulness to your everyday ensemble, it serves as both a fashion statement and a reminder of enduring faith.

Let this crewneck affirm your belief in God's love through every season. Use it to accessorize for a reflective morning coffee or style for a laid-back gathering, or better yet, gift it to a friend who needs the reminder.

Transform any outfit with this crewneck, where faith meets fashion in the most seamless way.

When You Go Through Deep Waters I Will Be With You Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Crafted with Purpose

Crafted for comfort, this crewneck shirt is designed as an everyday reminder that your existence is significant and has a purpose. Its cozy fabric and easy fit make it the go-to piece for any day. Perfectly pairing with everything from sleek denim to casual joggers, the tee elevates your look while grounding you in thought.

Our tee is made to inspire, spark conversations, and remind you and those around you that timing is everything and that you're exactly where you're meant to be.

Let this crewneck be a fashionable nod to your faith and a reminder of your unique role in this world. It's more than just clothing; it's a declaration of purpose styled with grace and conviction.

Perhaps You Were Created For Such A Time Like This Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Embrace the Journey with Faith

This olive green crewneck (also available in a warm tan color) is a fashionable encouragement to embrace every step of your journey with faith.

Its soft, stretchy fabric ensures all-day comfort, while the relaxed fit provides a modern, effortless look. Pair this piece with high-waisted jeans and sneakers for a laid-back weekend, or accessorize with your favorite heeled sandals for a more feminine look.

Let this crewneck be a stylish testament to your belief in progress and patience, encouraging you and those around you to believe in the timing of their own stories.

Trust The Process Faith Based Olive Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Trust The Process Faith Based Tan Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Make this cute, oversized t-shirt that's made of 100% good quality cotton the centerpiece of your outfit. Layer for a chic look, or rock it solo for a statement that speaks volumes.

Its bold message, encased in a delicate wreath, isn't just a nod to your beliefs—it's a fashion statement that says you're both grounded in your faith and ahead in the style game. Perfect for coffee runs, casual hangouts, or as a conversation starter at your next group meeting, this tee seamlessly blends your values with your vibe.

Elevate your wardrobe with a tee as committed to your faith as your fashion sense. Because why choose between expressing your beliefs and expressing your style? With this tee, you do both effortlessly.

Stand Firm In The Faith Wreath White Tee | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

A Bold Kind of Fashion

In a world that constantly shifts, grounding your style in something deeper can make all the difference. Our Faith Over Fear shirt collection is designed not just to make a fashion statement but to weave the powerful narrative of faith, hope, and love into the fabric of your daily wear.

Worry not about finding the perfect fit; our size chart ensures that from extra small to 3 XL, there's a shirt that fits you like a glove. Check out our collection and find the piece that speaks to you.

Let each tee be a reminder of the mountains moved, the waters braved, and the journey embraced. So pick your favorite, add it to your cart, and wear your conviction on your sleeve!