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Chic Faith-Based Clothing for Every Wardrobe

Chic Faith-Based Clothing for Every Wardrobe

Christian shirts and fashion? Yes, they do go together! And our wide selection of faith-based clothing proves just that. Our lineup is all about fashion-forward pieces with deeper meaning. Think of them as your cute everyday wear with a Christian twist!

This carefully curated selection includes everything from Christian t-shirts that subtly showcase Bible verses to a wide range of Christian design apparel designed to spark conversations and inspire those around you.

Spread light in your community, give a gift with a deeper purpose, or simply aim to wear your faith stylishly. Discover your next favorite piece that combines fashion with your proclamation of hope and faith in Christ here!

Bright, Bold, & Believing

Make a bold statement without saying a word. Our "Faith Over Fear" hoodie is a mantra to live by and a splash of confidence on a cozy pink canvas. Tailored for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves—or, in this case, their faith on their back—this hoodie combines comfort with deep conviction.

Perfect for pairing with your go-to jeans or layering over a denim skirt for a street-smart look, this piece effortlessly bridges the gap between declaring your beliefs and flaunting your fashion sense.

It's designed for believers, fashion enthusiasts, and everyone in between who believes in making a statement both in style and spirit. It's a declaration of choosing faith over fear every day.

Faith Over Fear Pink Hoodie | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Grace & Style

Blissful comfort with a message that resonates. Our "Saved By Grace" grey crewneck blends effortless fashion with meaningful undertones. It's the ideal pick for anyone looking to wear their faith subtly yet stylishly.

With "Saved by Grace" elegantly scripted in black, this piece is a conversation starter, a declaration of faith, and a comfort staple. Let this sweatshirt reflect your faith journey, inspire those around you, and let the world know of Christ's gift of salvation.

Ready to make grace a part of your daily ensemble? Wear the cozy embrace of our crewneck and let your style speak of God and the Gospel.

Saved By Grace Grey Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Walking with Faith

Wrap yourself in the warmth of our cozy hoodie with a wearable reminder to keep faith during life's ups and downs. It is a gentle nudge to remain steadfast, making it the perfect companion through every season of life.

The hoodie features a relaxed fit and stretch fabric that offer the perfect blend of comfort and style, making it a staple for any wardrobe. Featuring a classic kangaroo pocket and a snug hood, this hoodie goes beyond the basics with its profound message.

Let this hoodie be a testament to your journey and a source of comfort and inspiration.

Trust The Process Faith Based Tan Hoodie | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Patience Has Never Looked This Comfy

Our dark green crewneck brings together unparalleled comfort with a subtle nod to the virtues of patience and purpose. Crafted from a cozy blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, this sweatshirt is all about providing a soft, durable companion for any weather for those who cherish both style and substance.

Featuring a relaxed fit and stretchy fabric, it ensures all-day ease and flexibility, making it a go-to choice for any casual occasion. The design is not just an addition to your wardrobe but a gentle, daily reminder of the journey and the purpose each waiting season holds.

Pair it with your favorite pieces to create looks that speak volumes about your style and values without saying a word. Let this crewneck be your cozy reminder of God's plan for you and that it will come in His perfect time.

There Is Purpose In The Waiting Dark Green Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Mountain Movers

Show the strength of your faith with a crewneck that's as bold as your convictions. This piece combines timeless comfort with a powerful message, designed to inspire and uplift whenever you wear it.

Perfect for layering or as a standalone statement, it's a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Wear it whenever you need encouragement that you can move mountains with faith.

Crafted for ease and styled for impact, it's a declaration that God can move the obstacles in your life based on His Word.

Faith Can Move Mountains Black Faith Based Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

You're Not Alone

Find solace and strength in our latest faith crewneck, a reminder from Isaiah 43:2 that you're never alone, even in the deepest waters. It is a wearable testament to His enduring love and mercy.

Made entirely of cotton for ultimate comfort, it's designed to be a snug beacon of hope and companionship in your journey as a believer. It's perfect for those reflective moments or daily affirmation of faith.

Whether paired with your favorite jeans for a casual day out or layered for a thoughtful look, this Christian apparel is an outward show of faith to carry with you.

Remind yourself of God's Word with our faith-inspired crewneck, your new companion through all of life's ebbs and flows.

When You Go Through Deep Waters I Will Be With You Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

A Message of Hope and Triumph

Infuse your daily wardrobe with a profound reminder of hope, renewal, and the everlasting triumph of Jesus. Our "He Is Risen" white shirt goes beyond the Easter season, offering a year-round declaration of faith and victory.

Designed for comfort with a relaxed fit and lightweight fabric, this piece is an excellent reminder that He lives forever more.

This versatile shirt pairs effortlessly with your wardrobe favorites, making it a cornerstone piece for those who carry the message of Jesus's resurrection and what it symbolizes.

Let every wear be a testament to the enduring hope and triumph in Jesus, making this shirt a cherished part of your collection that transcends seasons and occasions.

He Is Risen White Easter Shirt | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Strong & Confident in the Face of Fear

Our oversized light grey crewneck effortlessly blends snug warmth with the profound message of Psalm 118:6. Designed with a relaxed fit and long sleeve, this sweatshirt transcends seasonal trends to easily become a wardrobe staple.

Embrace a collection that transforms fashion into a vibrant expression of belief, making each garment, especially this crewneck, a meaningful extension of your faith and style.

Let this crewneck be your armor of confidence as you face each day. It's a declaration of victory over fear, a stylish affirmation of your faith that doesn't shy away from life's challenges but meets them head-on with grace and courage.

Faith Over Fear Light Grey Oversized Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Right Where You're Meant to Be

This crewneck is a reminder of the unique role each of us has to play in the tapestry of life. Whether you're navigating daily challenges or facing new opportunities, let this message serve as a nudge towards embracing your potential and the unique timing of your journey.

In soft hues of brown, this crewneck pairs seamlessly with your favorite jeans or skirts, offering a versatile and meaningful addition to your fashion choices. Wear it as a declaration of faith and a personal affirmation that you are indeed made for such a time as this.

Perhaps You Were Created For Such A Time Like This Faith Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Bold and Faithful

Be inspired by the empowering words of 1 Corinthians 16:13 with this tee. It is a wearable reminder to guard your heart, stand firm in your beliefs, be courageous in your actions, and be strong in your convictions.

Crafted for ultimate comfort in any weather, this tee's relaxed fit ensures you can wear your faith in a very visible way across seasons. Layer with a hoodie or cardigan for cooler weather, pair with your favorite shorts or jeans, and match with girly sandals in a pretty color.

Stand Firm In The Faith Wreath White Tee | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Faith in the Face of the Impossible

With faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. This cozy, stylish crewneck serves as a vibrant reminder of that. With its relaxed fit and soft, stretchy material, it's crafted for those who carry their convictions not just in their hearts but as a bold fashion statement.

This crewneck combines the timeless message of enduring faith with the casual elegance of modern apparel. It's a wearable symbol of hope and perseverance, designed to encourage not just the wearer but everyone who sees it.

Faith Can Move Mountains Olive Green Crewneck | Simply Stitched Designs LLC

Trendy Tees and Divine Designs for You

Are you not afraid to show off your faith? Our women's Christian clothing collection is filled with conversation starters with just the right mix of style, comfort, and God's Word to make every outfit count.

From cozy crewnecks with messages of hope to tees that proclaim the triumph of faith, there's something for every believer looking to express their devotion through fashion. Let's celebrate faith and the power of a positive message with every wear!